Repair costs and other questions

There's a problem with my DJ equipment. What will the repair cost be?

You can find the costs for the most common repairs in our price list. If your problem is not covered, get in touch with us for a quote which we can normally provide quickly. In some cases, we’ll need to take a look at the problem before we can determine the repair price.

I have a question. Can I call or mail you?

Yes! See our contact page for more information.

I need something repaired. How do I let you know about this?

Fill in the repair form on the repair form page. You’ll receive a copy by email that you should include when you send your DJ Gear to us for repair.

Can I only send my DJ Gear to you or can I also bring it in myself?

You can do both! If you want to send it to us, you’ll need to fill in the repair form first. This will ensure that we know all about the repair to be done and avoid unnecessary delays.

You can also bring your DJ Gear along to one of our shops. See our contact page).

Delivery times

Will I receive a notification when my repaired DJ Gear is being sent back?

Yes! As soon as we send back your repaired DJ Gear, you’ll receive a confirmation from us. This will include a Track & Trace code that you can use to follow your package. (Note – this normally works from the following morning, if not before.)


Is there a guarantee on repairs?

Yes! A 12 month guarantee is standard on all repairs.

What do I do if something breaks during the guarantee period?

Get in touch with us by telephone or by email. Together, we can discuss the problem and determine the best solution.

I have a complaint!

We’re sorry to hear that. Please get in touch with us by telephone or by email. See our contact page for details. In the unlikely event that we can’t agree to a solution, you can contact the Dispute Commission at Alternatively, it’s possible for consumers in the EU to register their complaint with the European Commission’s ODR platform provided it’s not already being handled elsewhere.

Delivery and delivery costs

Which transport company do you use for deliveries?

We work with names like DHL, bpost and UPS. Packages are traceable and insured against loss, theft and damage.

What are the delivery costs?

In the Netherlands and Belgium, delivery for repairs from €75 are free. For repairs under €75, the delivery cost is €4.95. During the repair process, you’ll get an overview of all the delivery options and costs.

Can I get a quote first?

Yes, that’s possible. This is a good idea if you have more than one product being repaired. Companies outside of the Netherlands with a valid VAT number can get an invoice without the 21% VAT amount included on it.

Does a company outside of the Netherlands need to pay VAT?

Companies outside of the Netherlands, but inside the EU pay 0% VAT. If you want to make use of this option, you’ll need to provide us with a valid VAT number.


What's your telephone number and when can I call you?

See our contact page for details.

Where can I pick up my repair?

Please make an appointment to pick up your repair from one of our establishments. See our contact page for more details.


Still have questions? Send us a message!