Pioneer Repair

We offer excellent Pioneer repairs with only genuine new parts. These Pioneer parts are ordered directly from Pioneer Europe/Japan.

Below you find a price list of Pioneer repairs with fixed prices or what we have to investigate for you. We also give you a brief explanation of our Pioneer repair services.

Pioneer repair

Price Wait?
CD traverse repair * On request in consultation
Play / Cue switch repair € 25 Yes!
Fader repair From € 25,- Yes!
Hot Cue switches repair € 25 Yes!
Hot Cue buttons repair € 27.50 Yes!
CDJ Link connector repair € 40 Yes!
Level / Depth potentiometer replacement ** € 27.50 Yes!
Moisture damage repair on request No :(

Pioneer CD traverse repair

Your CDJ player doesn't read your CDs anymore or "spits" it even out after a few seconds again? This and other problems are solved by a CD traverse replacement, or repair to the controller of the CD drive.
Lens cleaning? During our maintenance we also make the CD drive mechanism clean and we cleanse the laser. However, the problem with a cleaning are not always the solution. This is checked before we replace the travese.

Play & Cue switch Pioneer repair

These buttons have a lot to endure! The switches under the buttons will be broken first very often because they have only a lifetime of a couple of thousands clicks.
A repair will take us + - 15 min to resolves this problem.
Is the plastic / rubber button broken or seems to be loose? For the additional cost of this button we replace that too while you wait.

DJ Mixer Pioneer Fader repair

Is your fader broken of your DJM or doesn't slide it no longer smooth? For € 25, - we will replace one fader and for € 12.50 price we replace two faders etc.

1 fader € 25.00
2 faders € 35.00
3 faders € 45.00
4 faders € 55.00

Possibly ready while you wait!

Hot Cue switch Pioneer repair

Set just like the Play and Cue switches to the hot cue switches can also "run out". For € 25.00, we replace the switches of your Pioneer CDJ so you can make full use again of these functions.
If the plastic button, are defective, we can replace this also for the additional cost of the part.

Pioneer CDJ Link or USB connector repair

You see it more and more, the Pioneer models with the LINK (LAN) and / or USB connections. These are still secretly very fragile over time. When the connector is broken, we can fix this problem for € 40. Unfortunately if the solder is totaly damaged and loose from the board we have to fix this in a other way. If that is the case, we investigate for you what the total cost will be.

Moisture damage repair Pioneer

Unfortunately it happens ... A drink at the equipment and accidentally falls on the equipment. Moisture damage is one of the worst damage to electronics. Usually a cleaning is enough to solve this problem. Though replacement of some parts still be even necessary. We will check for you after the cleaning if we do need to replace some parts.

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