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Art Vinyl is the original way to display your favorite albums and music. Truly something for audiophiles and music lovers but also a super new design concept for everyone. Create a beautiful wall full of art and music albums you already own anyway. Even if the plates themselves would not turn you still enjoy all those wonderful record sleeves. And changing as often as you want, for any occasion another combination.

One click opens the Play & Display Flip list ... very simple. You take cover and replace it with a new one within a few seconds. Or if you want to rotate the plate, of course ...

An LP cover is a piece of art, and now you also appreciate such by display it. Also, by combining various album covers in a three-, four- or x-hatch creates a fantastic "wall of music"!

If you want a different cover, it is not necessary to remove the list from the wall. You just need to press the top of the lock and the front part of the frame is hinged open.

Albums vary in thickness (think double LPs or even triple) but a nice tight display cover got to sit properly clamped even thinner. To solve this, the Play & Display lists four "fingers" on the back plate which ensure that the contents tightly in the frame.

The back plate of the frame has a central slot and the Play & Display can be hung with a single screw. This makes it easy to install, it always hangs straight. The slot is ideal to adjust the height so that it is easier suspended in line with other frames. Fasteners included in the package.

On the wall side, the back plate at each corner a soft cap. These provide extra durability and also ensure that no unwanted scratches or similar locations on the wall during the hanging.